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Then she stopped and covered her very slippery slit to stop my blowing hitting her sticky pussy parts.

For a second, I thought she'd turned off through my utterance. F-U-C-K M-E Dummy"emphasizing the point was not in annoyance.

Ready now,she waited as Rusty sniffed,licked and then licked his own cock some. " - "It holds his knob inside as he cums" - "Its outside.

"He isn't going to the stupid mutt,come on Rusty,fuck me for christ sake.

Now,at certain times I found my Marion was exceptionally horny and I could always recognise when this was. So,one tell tell sign is when I arrive in house to find her playing with her clitoris and on entering,she invites me to join in her tormenting of that exceptionally horny now large bean shaped clitoris of her's. God its been driving me mad all day, I'm so horny I'd fuck my dad if he was here" I knew she made this claim on many occasions,and I'm sure it was too shock,because she thought that that was about as shocking as it could get in her mind,or so I thought.

This day on my way in our dog was in his usual place on the back lawn doing what many men envy about dogs,he was licking his own cock, - Bastard!

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" I looked at her small opening,then at the fatness of Rusty's cock and had my doubts about her being able to take it,yeah I was no small thin dick but I could tell his knob would be twice as thick as mine.- "No of course not" - At this moment, I thought a woman couldn't be impregnated by a dog,but in my excitement to see Rusty fuck her,that was the last thing in my mind. My wife had just enough time to look back and smile before her pussy was again filled up with cock. I was determined to shoot my sperm in amongst all the doggy jism still deep inside her and that I did.That done it,his cock hit spot on and in an instant he gripped into her waist and rammed the fastest hardest pink going on purple length of dog cock straight up to the top of my wife's little pussy. I was amazed how easy her hole stretched open to accommodate what I could now see was a hugely thick piece of K9 flesh. (Please bare with me while I rebuild my pages) If you are looking for well bred European blood lines in a German Shepherd, you have come to the right place!Browse through my site and look at my dogs and puppies. Click the welcome button to go to my Welcome page with updated information on upcoming litters and past litters.

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